Thursday, August 2, 2012

Got my man, but still need my girls

Hi all,
Thought I would start a blog to share my wedding planning.  I wanted to start with how I asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding.  I took ideas from multiple pinterest posts and added my own twists.
I have six girls in my party.  All college friends from my sorority or nursing school.  To start I bought wooden boxes from Jo-Ann.  My wedding is going to be in a barn and very rustic.  Because of this I decided that the natural wood fit and did not want to paint over it.  I wanted to keep it simple, but also wanted it to feel romantic and wedding like.  I added three hearts in different sizes and then personalized them with each girl's initials.

For the inside I found a template online and traced it with a pencil and free handed with a paint brush.  At first I was going to free hand the wording, but after a few attempts found that stickers would be much easier and look a lot better.
What took the longest time was what I was going to put in the box.  I found pictures online that exampled the theme I was going for.  I also added pictures of ideas for their outfit.  I want each girl to pick their own dress.  Nothing is worse in my mind then having to shell out hundreds of dollars for a dress that I hate and will never wear again.  Plus every girl has a different body type and only they know what looks best on them.  I bought some heavy grade stock paper from staples.  (If you go to the copy center you can buy the paper individually.  You can buy exactly what you need and not have to buy an entire stack)
I then added my wedding info.  I don't want my party to be wondering what they need or don't need to do.  I had information on the time and place.  What their role will be.  A little bit about each girl.  What I was thinking for their outfit.  Then a contact list with everyone's phone number, my mom's number, and my address.
I cut each card so that when put together the heading of each one was visible.  To finish it off I wrapped them with some extra scrapbook paper.  I then threw in a ring-pop to play along with the engagement theme.  I lined the bottom with some fabric that I found in the remnant section at Jo-Ann.
I wanted to ask them in a special way and not just shoot them a text.  Each girl loved them and my crafty side loved making them!